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FLEXmax MPPT controller - Outback

Leader in advanced energy conversion technology

Peace of mind from the world's most trusted UPS.

The FLEXmax 60 is the latest innovation in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers from OutBack Power Systems. MPPT technology finds the maximum power available from the solar panels to recharge batteries.FLEXmax 60 is capable of operating at higher temperatures than previous models without losing power.

The FLEXmax 80’s innovative MPPT algorithm is both continuous and active, increasing your renewable energy yield up to 30%. Thanks to enhanced cooling, the FLEXmax 80 can operate at its full 80 amp maximum current rating in ambient temperatures as high as 104°F (40°C).


The new FLEXmax 80 is the only choice when you demand a high performance, efficient and customizable charge controller for your advanced power system.

Schneider Electric Conext MPPT charge controller

MPPT multi-stage charging , better battery life

The ConextTM MPPT 60 150 is a photovoltaic (PV) charge controller that tracks the maximum power point of a PV array to deliver the maximum available current for charging batteries. When charging, the MPPT 60 150 regulates battery voltage and output current based on the amount of energy available from the PV array and state-of-charge of the battery.




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• Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm continually seeks the maximum power available from  PV array
• Improve battery life with selectable multi-stage temperature compensated charging
• Five-year standard warranty
• Compatible with any brand of PV Module
• Available remote monitoring and configuration
• Configurable auxiliary output
• LCD screen with face plate buttons for configuration and system monitoring


    •    Designed to work with 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60VDC voltage.
    •    Backlit LCD screen.
    •    Logs last 128 days for performance review.
    •    Voltage step-down ability to allow for a higher PV array voltage.
    •    Five year warranty


PHOCOS 30A /100V MPPT charge controller

Modular Power Management PV off-grid system

With innovative maximum power tracking technology, Phocos‘ MPP-tracker ensures maximum performance from your solar array at all times and in all weather conditions. The MPPT can yield an energy gain from your PV array (up to 30%).
When a central unit is used, up to 8 MPPTs can be operated in one system. The charge regulation is then done via data bus by the central unit. This will enable you to increase your system capacity substantially.
The temperature-compensated three-stage I-U curve charge regulation algorithm significantly extends the lifespan of your battery.
The possibility to use less expensive grid-feedin solar panels with up to 95 V open circuit voltage for 12 V or 24 V stand-alone systems will significantly reduce the cost of the total system.


    •    Maximum Power Point Tracking technology increases the efficiency of your PV system
    •    Less expensive solar panels for grid-feed-in systems can now be used for 12/24 V off-grid systems
    •    Electronic protection (reverse polarity, overcurrent, short-circuit, overtemperature)
    •    High efficiency
    •    DIN rail compatible
    •    Negative grounding



PHOCOS 30A /100V MPPT charge controller

Luminous Solar MPPT 60 is an advanced maximum power point tracker (MPPT) that tracks the maximum power point of the solar PV array to deliver maximum available current to charge battery for off grid PV applications .The controller provides better efficiency and lower power loss .It regulates the battery voltage and output current based on the energy available from the PV Array. The tracking algorithm is fully automatic and does not require user adjustment.


The Charging process is fully optimised for long battery life and improved system performance . It supports multi stage charging for all battery types. In built fault protection and diagnostics prevents the system being damaged.


    •    Maximum Power Point Tracking technology increases the efficiency of your PV system
    •    Supports 12/24/48/60 V off-grid systems
    •    Electronic protection (reverse polarity, overcurrent, short-circuit, overtemperature)
    •    LCD display
    •    Communication Port
    •    DIP switch setting for variable charge settings.

Luminous 60A /80A MPPT charge controller


PHOCOS 30A /100V MPPT charge controller

The CX series is a sophisticated solar charge controller family with exceptional features in this price range. Beside a perfect PWM regulation with integrated temperature compensation the controllers provide extraordinary display, programming and safety functions.
The battery state of charge is clearly displayed with a bar chart, as well as energy flows from and to the battery and the load status (e.g. overload, load short circuit). The deep discharge protection function can be set up to three different modes: voltage controlled, SOC controlled or adaptive.
Acoustic warnings are built in, also a programmable nightlight function.  The compact case design is prepared for DIN rail mounting (mounting device available as an accessory).


    •    Built-in 1 year data logger for system analysis
    •    Charge and discharge status display
    •    Acoustic load disconnect pre-warning
    •    Load status indication
    •    Boost/absorption/float PWM-regulation (series type)
    •    Integrated temperature compensation





PHOCOS CX controllers


CIS SERIES ( 5 -20A )

PV-Systems exposed to extreme weather/environmental conditions (street lights, etc.) have increased risk for damage in the power electronics. To assure reliable battery charge control under such conditions, Phocos developed an encapsulated charge controller (IP68) to prevent corrosion: CIS.

CIS is an industrial-grade charge controller that is suitable for all practical PV applications. High-quality, 4-stage PWM-charging is combined with amazing features such as: low-voltage disconnect, flexible load timer functions, and a multi-LED system status display. CIS is available in two versions: • Dual load to independently control two loads. • Output Dimming to save energy in lighting applications.

The CIS has no moving parts, switches or buttons. Settings such as battery type, deep discharge thresholds, timers, etc. are made quickly and easily via infrared remote control accessory.

    •    Robust Aluminum Housing and Epoxy Encapsulated PCB to Prevent Corrosion (IP68)
    •    Compact Size
    •    Infrared Remote Control Programming Accessory (CIS-CU)
    •    Intelligent Timer Functions
    •    Widely Programmable
    •    External Temperature Sensor
    •    4 Stage Battery Charging (Main, Float, Boost, Equalization)
    •    Automatic System Voltage Recognition (12/24 V)
    •    Auto-saving function: two voltage disconnect levels
    •    Electronic protection (reverse polarity, overcurrent, short-circuit, overtemperature)
    •    High efficiency

PHOCOS CIS controllers


PHOCOS CML controllers


    •    Battery State-of-Charge display with 3 LEDs
    •    Acoustic load disconnect pre-warning
    •    PWM-regulation (series type)
    •    Boost, equalise and float charging, also for VRLA
    •    Automatic 12/24 V detection
    •    Integrated temperature compensation
    •    Fully electronically protected


CML SERIES ( 5 -20A )

With innovative maximum power tracking technology, Phocos‘ MPP-tracker ensures maximum performance from your solar array at all times and in all weather conditions. The MPPT can yield an energy gain from your PV array (up to 30%).The CML series is a sophisticated solar charge controller family for low cost applications. The electronic circuit is equipped with a micro controller that provides high- efficiency charging technology together with a number of outstanding status display, warning and safety functions. The temperature-compensated three-stage PWM charging method (boost-equalization-float) is now adjustable tosealed and vented lead-acid batteries. The new version also allows an either SOC or voltage controlled low voltage disconnect function. The battery status is clearly indicated by three LEDs.



  • Multiple DSP (32 Bit) controller.
  • MPPT based Charge Controller using Incremental Conductance Algorithm.
  • Wide array voltage range for optimise Solar usage (option for higher CC)
  • Current Harmonics correction THDi <3% for 100% non-linear load
  • PF correction upto UNITY
  • High Conversion EFFICIENCY (>92%), enhanced by variable speed DC fan operation
  • Selectable Source priority features.
  • 128x64 Graphic LCD Display- USER FRIENDLY.
  • High data and Event Storage capacity for history analysis.
  • Advanced COMMUNICATION Interface with Remote monitoring.

PCU's from 1KVA to 100KVA

Sunbird off grid bi directional solar inverter is the new generation inverter, which has been designed specially for the solar application. Two decade expertise in solar On Grid and Off grid inverter market has resulted in to a smart, more reliable and efficient Sunbird Solar Inverter.
Sunbird Solar inverter has many unparallel features, which gives best ROI for the user and helps in bringing the dream of Green planet more closer

LUMINOUS Solar Home Hybrid Inverter

  • Pure sine wave output
  • First time in lndia with both AC and DC Output
  • Intelligent service assistance indicator in case of faults.
  • Intelligent Solar Optimisation Technology (I-SOT)
  • Intelligent Charging (i-Charge) with optimum utilisation of solar power.
  •  Inbuilt charge controller with 98% efficiency
  • Equipped with battery type selection
  • Dc Load controller and  LVD feature
  • 25%-30% savings on electricity bills
  • Very safe for sensitive products like TV, PC

HOME SERIES - 300VA to 1400VA

LUMINOUS India's largest Inverter manufacturer introduces Luminous Solar Home UPS, a micro controller based pure sine wave hybrid UPS with high efficiency. It accepts hybrid charging from both solar and mains with priority to solar. Luminous Solar Horne UPS has all the required protections against high temperature. short circuit and overloading It ensures lesser battery charging time  and maximum solar utilisation. Luminous Solar Home UPS is available in four variants 300VA, 500VA, 850VA and 1400VA

Schneider Grid tie Inverters

Ideal solution for home & commercial buildings

The ConextTM  Series is a new line of three phase string inverters designed for high efficiency, maximum flexibility and easy installation and service. Electrolyte-free design with Schneider Electric’s rigorous reliability test procedures improve the long term reliability. Five configuration options of integrated wiring box allow for easy, flexible and low cost installations. Decentralised architecture, full grid support features and system capability together with Schneider Electric’s broad range of medium voltage products make Conext  the ideal choice for medium and large PV plants. Backed by Schneider Electric’s global service infrastructure, leading manufacturing facilities and its expertise in energy management, the Conext  Series is the inverter you should trust for quality and reliability.

  • High conversion efficiency: 98.3% peak efficiency, 98.0% Euro efficiency
  • Great value for money: integrated wiring box saves the cost of external DC combiner box*
  • Designed and qualified for applications in tropical environments through salt mist testing and use of conformal coating
  • Both DC and AC Surge Protection Device (SPD)
  • Monitoring and datalogging
  • Easy to install

DELTA Grid tie Inverters

Delta Grid tie inverters for Home and Commercial

The world leader in Power conversion technology, Delta offers a complete product range of solar inverters, accessories and services to our partners and installers and the best photovoltaic systems to maximize profit.

Delta’s state-of-the-art high frequency topology and MPPT equipped portfolio includes Grid-tied range of RPI series from 3KW to 500KW and Solivia range of inverters from 2.5 KW – 250 KW. Our inverters are compatible for both crystalline and thin film panels. Delta’s product range aims at catering customers with home, commercial and utility scale inverter requirements.

Delta is a leading provider of inverter models to consumers that are customised to Indian grid conditions. In addition to their Industry’s high efficiency, our inverters are characterised by a long service life and are easy to install, maintain and monitor. With our well-established local presence and highly motivated and trained Photovoltaic solutions' team, we will be offering Delta customers fast and reliable local service support in terms of Application Engineering and after sales service.

  • High conversion efficiency
  • Great value for money
  • Monitoring Options
  • Long product warranty and large service network
  • Monitoring and datalogging
  • Easy to install
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